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Michael Kosmas
The Satnav for Youngtrepreneurs

The main concept that is dealt with lies in the author’s belief that any aspiring entrepreneur can turn his or her idea or dream into a successful and profitable business. Kosmas supports that it doesn’t matter where you start, all that matters is how far you are willing to go, exploiting and taking advantage of all your attributes, skills, and talents. And as the new technology "magic trio" (Zuckerberg, Jobs, Gates) have proven, the cocktail that takes you to the top has well-kept secret ingredients, so you must be persistent enough to find them.

Written in simple language and using layman’s terms, the book is a step-by step channel to the basic principles of entrepreneurship, as well as a standard guide to the main presupposed conditions of a business startup. Covering all relevant issues, and containing a considerable amount of famous entrepreneur case studies, this small volume is packed with must-read material, combining academic knowledge with real-life situations based on first-hand experience.

Although entirely self-contained, the book has a number of complimentary assessment tools every ambitious future business owner will find extremely useful.

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Entrepreneurship Tools


Michael Kosmas
Choose the closest statement, and answer in the "spirit of the question", being completely honest with yourself.

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Michael Kosmas
Based on the relevant (last) chapter of the book, assess your skills by answering the following questions.

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Michael Kosmas

Founder - NXG Group

Michael is an entrepreneur, author, executive producer and motivational speaker. Kosmas holds the post of CEO of NXG Group, a company he founded while at university, following his passion for the arts and helping young people. NXG Group engages over 1,000 young people annually through programmes that primarily use creative media, and entrepreneurship. At the London Peace Awards in 2010, he was presented with the Diversity Award by then Mayor of London Boris Johnson for his work with young people in the city of London through NXG.

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