This consists of a number of multiple choice questions concerning the four pillars which make up a good business idea (Product solution, Market segmentation , Market (service) domain, and Distribution). The tool is designed to help you assess the strength and weaknesses of your business idea with a view that you can use it to create an action plan to address gaps that may cause your idea not to take off. Each set of questions is introduced with a brief, but thoroughly concise, explanation of the concept, as well as detailed instructions as to how the questions should be handled.

Your answers are then marked, and the results are electronically sent to you, complete with graphic presentation and comments. A detailed key is also available with individual comments and suggestions regarding each given answer.

The value, importance, and significance of this well designed tool cannot be stressed too high. Perhaps it is enough to point out that you are putting too much at risk of proceeding with your business idea without such a weapon in your arsenal.

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