This tool deals with you, the Product /Solution provider, the founder of the idea and there is where its uniqueness lies. At the start up stage most ideas will raise or fail due to the skill set of the founder of the idea. This tool helps you carry out a self assessment on your entrepreneurial skill set which you can use to; create a personal development plan to improve in areas of weakness or form the decision making process of how you will deal with the skills gaps basis. The tool brilliantly focuses on the very heart of the problem most youngtrepreneurs face, namely the enhancement of their business performance skills. Selected for their fundamental importance, 8 skills are assessed by answering a set of multiple choice questions, each carrying their own level of gravity. Similarly to the Validator, your questionnaire results are sent to you electronically, fully commented and displayed in graphics. A set or relevant write-ups to help you in your effort is optionally available.

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