How well do you believe you know what motivates people to buy?

Not well

Well enough

Very well

Perfectly well

Are you a good listener?

No, not really

Pretty good

Yes, I am


How open-minded do you believe you are in matters like e.g. pricing?

Not at all


Yes, within bounds

Totally, within reason

Do you believe in the importance of Marketing?

No, not in my line of work, no

I am a bit skeptical

Yes, I do, but only in the way I see fit

You can’t do business without it

Which of the following statements best describes your ability to put together a marketing plan for you product or service?

I don't understand marketing, it’s an area I need to look into

I have little knowledge and experience on marketing

I have some knowledge on marketing and I will be able to draw upon experience from previous projects

Marketing is one of my strong points: I have experience working on small and large marketing projects using a variety of marketing channels.

In your option what is the most important sales behaviour when initially eng a prospective customer?

Demonstrate your offer’s value and capabilities

Present your offer as unique

Make sure you’re offering lowest price

Prove your offer is top quality

Establish that you’re offering best value for money

Answer the following assessment questions based on the contents of Chapters 4 and 5 of the book.
How confident are you about being able to calculate the startup cost of your business?

Not confident at all. I’ll have to work on that

I don’t have special knowledge, but I’ll ask around and look around

I do have some basic knowledge, and I’ll try to upgrade it

I’ve done some relevant economic studies, But if I see I can’t make it right, I will seek assistance

How do you feel about bootstrapping?

It’s the most absurd idea I’ve ever heard. Where will I find revenue?

I find that the cons are more than the pros, especially having too much responsibility

I believe that for most of us it’s the only way to go nowadays. So, even if it’s a tough decision I’d go for it

I like everything about the concept, especially having to answer to no one but myself.

What would your criteria be for choosing your funding model?

I’ll get the money anyway I can.

I am a bit of a conservative, so I will only borrow money from family and close friends, if needed.

I will carefully plan and choose the method that best suits my business goals

Do you believe that starting small is a good idea?

No. I won’t invest my money, and work all day for peanuts

To start the business I dream of, you can’t start small

Why should I?. I have enough funds to launch a sizeable and prestigious business that will soon become a market leader

Anyway you see it, this is the reasonable thing to do. If you fail, you don’t lose much, and if you succeed, you upscale

How will you deal with cash flow issues in your company?

I’ll figure that out if and when it happens

I’ll try to cut down costs anyway possible, even if that means letting some employees go.

I will always arrange for a «safety cushion" in stormy weather

(also see brand establishment notes in the book) For simplicity purposes we will base our questions on a specific product with strong branding establishment demand: the automobile.
What does the name Mercedes mean to you?

An overpriced car basing its sales on fame

A top quality luxury car, expensive , but with good value for money

A classic symbol of superiority, a status symbol

Both b and c

What brand of car would you buy if you could afford it?

I don’t care about brands, I’d buy a safe, comfortable car that fills my needs

I do have a dream brand in mind, but I would never put so much money on the street, even if I had it

Definitely my favourite brand, even if I had to make sacrifices to get it

I would insist on my brand of choice, if I could afford it, even if it was a bit overpriced

What exactly do you think that an automobile’s brand shows about its driver?

Nothing at all! Any fool can drive a Ferrari.That is partly true!

Quite a lot about their financial condition and social status

Pretty much about their taste, lifestyle, and personality

Both b and c

How difficult do you believe it is, and how long does it take for a car brand to be established?

in some cases not difficult at all. By offering fairly good quality and cheap prices, South Korean cars were quite popular in no time.-Necessity purchases have nothing to do with brand establishment.

It totally depends on the category of the vehicle. Luxury cars are more difficult to gain the preferences of the few that can afford them, while with city cars it’s easier

Trend plays a very significant role in brand establishment and automotion giants sometimes find it difficult to antagonize more fresh approaches that come from smaller brands

In any case, it’s very hard to get to the top, and it’s even harder staying there. Branding is a hard nut and makes no deals

How much do you believe in the employment of new technology in your business?

Not at all. I don’t need it and I don’t want it

I’m all for it but can I afford it?-Yes, you can-do some market research.

I am not that accustomed with new technology, but I’m willing to learn

Absolutely. You can’t do business today without using New Age tech.

How do you feel about encouraging your staff to enhance their productivity?

I request that they do

I am rather tolerant and don’t demand productivity optimization

I strongly encourage maximum productivity

I insist on optimum productivity by training and coaching my staff

What does the word productivity mean to you?

I tend to connect it with volume of production

I can’t understand how you can measure productivity

I can’t see how you can be productive without compromising quality

I perfectly understand the equation as described

Do you believe that you can recruit productive staff?

This is not one of my hiring priorities

Upon hiring, I tell my employees that I expect them to be hard working

Right from the start I make sure that my staff understand the meaning of productivity, and then I support their training and best positioning

Do you see yourself as a productive entrepreneur?

No, not really, I prefer to take it easy. Life is not just work

I prefer not to work very long hours -Being productive doesn’t mean working long hours.

I believe I’m fairly productive, although I’m not a robot - Being productive doesn’t mean you have to be a robot.

I find I am productive as can be; I like bringing results and making the most of my working time. I hope I can improve even further

As far as your business is concerned, how open are you to change?

Not at all. I like to keep things as they are, as long as it works for me

I’m open to change, although a bit reluctant to employ new technology

I’m more than eager to grasp every opportunity to renew my business

I believe in the need for adaptability, with careful, well calculated moves, but only when necessary, and without losing my company’s character

Do you believe that your personality traits influence your attitude towards change?

No, I don’t. I am who I am and my business is my business

Up to a point, yes. It’s reasonable, isn’t it?

Absolutely. An entrepreneur is his business and vice versa.-Let’s not be absolute.

As long as you realize that who you are determines your ability to adapt, how willing are you to train yourself towards that goal?

I’m afraid I lack the willpower to move away from traditional ways -Do you mean that you are going to communicate with your customers abroad via regular mail?

I’m OK. the way I am and I can adapt just fine.-Are you so sure?

I understand my weaknesses, but there’s a limit to what I can do

I believe adaptability is one of my strong points, still I know that I must always be alert, as change is an everlasting process

How difficult or how easy do you believe it is for you to make the appropriate changes to your company, when required?

I need a lot of help with that on many levels

I find it necessary to keep my business updated with the newest technology tools and solutions, but that’s not always possible

I tend to have my business equipped with all the latest applications and solutions

My aim is to instantly upgrade technology tools and apply process solutions

To what level do you get updated on new trends, and how willing are you to adopt them?

I’ve found the perfect recipe and I believe it will always work for me -The low mark doesn’t indicate that you have no adaptability skills, but rather applies to your declaration that you don’t need to adapt. In some cases, you may be right, but those are rare.

I have my eyes open to what’s new and trendy, but I am repelled -If you want to stay in business, remember that the customer is always right.

Certainly I follow new trends, and I jump at the opportunity to change my business accordingly.-Don’t jump, proceed with caution.

I am fully aware of everything that’s new in the market, and I selectively make the changes I see fit. New trends are a source of inspiration for me

The questions refer to a model of a company employing 3-5 people. 1 and 2 are for the entrepreneur’s persona/attitude towards leadership
To what point do you believe you would make a good leader?

I wasn’t born a leader, and to be honest I’m quite hesitant about the importance of working on my skills

I have little knowledge and no experience on leadership, but I believe I can learn the trait

I know quite a lot about leadership, and have some relevant experience. I trust that I can train myself and improve

Leadership is my forte, and my previous experience, leadership, skills and resources prove that I am able to perform my tasks effectively

How much do you agree that the points made above will help you manage people?

I disagree with most of the points made on leadership

I see some points I totally approve of and believe I can use, however I’m rather hesitant about others

I agree with most of the points made. I trust that I can train myself to use them

I find that the points made are spot on. In fact I’d like to go deeper in exploring most of them

How ready do you think you are to delegate, responsibility, initiative, and authority to your staff?

Not at all. I want total authority and control on rules and procedures

Delegating responsibility is fine, but I don’t want my staff taking initiative or assuming authority

I am all for delegating responsibility and initiative, but I demand total control and authority

I can’t imagine doing everything on my own, so I delegate responsibility, encourage taking initiative, and give some authority to my most trusted employees

How do you feel about your staff being prompt, following company rules, and enhancing productivity?

I am adamant on demanding all three

I insist on the first two, but I am lenient on productivity

I give my staff some space on the first two, when this is possible, and I strongly encourage productivity

For me, promptness is a must, bending company rules I accept up to a point, and I insist on productivity by training and coaching my staff

How important do you think it is to communicate with your staff, and get to know them better?

I neither have to communicate or know my employees. I give the orders, they do their job, or else..

Communicating, despite its difficulties, is necessary up to a point. I see no reason I should try to get to know my workers better.

Communicating is a must, and it helps if you know who you are communicating with.

I can’t imagine being a leader without communicating with the people who work for me . I am a people person, I have the best interests of my people in mind, and I find great benefits in knowing them.

Are you willing to listen to what your people have to say, and consider their suggestions?

Absolutely not!. I know my job

I occasionally allow my most trusted employees to give me a piece of their mind, but I generally don’t pay much attention

Very much so, on both counts, though not from everyone

By all means. You never know where a brilliant idea or a useful piece of information may come from

How hard are you willing to try to create a pleasurable environment in the workplace?

Not at all. We’re there for work, not recreation

It is not one of my first priorities, but I see the need to try

I do my best, whenever my finances allow it

I always ensure the funds and policy to make my workplace pleasant and stress free. It’s the best investment a business owner can make.

How good a listener do you believe you are?

I hate it when people speak nonsense to my face. I simply can’t stand it

I’m patient enough when people talk to me, but I often don’t pay so much attention.

I listen to people attentively, but when they are finished, I just say what I meant to say in the first place.-This might be OK in a casual conversation with a friend, but for a professional who means business...

I believe I am a very good listener. I am polite, patient and much absorbed in what I hear. Drawing conclusions may sometimes be my weak spot

How well can you comprehend and use body language?

I can only recognize a few gestures and facial expressions

By looking at someone’s expression I can sense some basic emotions such as approval, disapproval or total rejection

I’ve read some books on the subject, and I believe I’ve got some good tips, but that is all. I am experimenting on those

I have studied body language in depth and I deeply believe in its power to enhance communication

Are you good at making professional conversation?

I’m not really sure what that means

Talking business, I’m always polite, patient, and straightforward

In business discussions I insist on being brief, clear, and to the point

Making business verbal communication I am all that is mentioned in b and c, with the exception of a few minor slip-ups -Entrepreneurs are not robots-slip ups will happen. It is to your credit that you acknowledge the fact.

How comfortable are you with modern technology means of communication?

ot very comfortable, and I don’t intend to use them at my work-Maybe you should reconsider

I’m trying to cope, but technology really moves so fast that it’s a losing game.-just try to do your best, and don’t give up on Technology

I’m fairly comfortable, although there are areas I haven’t really explored, like networking, for instance.

I am an expert in the field and I intend to exploit all these means to the limit

How specific are you about what you wish your field of entrepreneurial operation would be?

Not very much. I’m still searching inside me and considering my options

I’m quite sure in theory, but have no clue of real-life market conditions

I am pretty sure I’ll blend into the family business, but this is not my dream

I am certain about my dream vocation, I have dreamt to be self-employed in this field since childhood, and nothing has changed

How well do you know the specifics of the industry you want to join?

I know nothing about the specifics, and I don’t care. This is what I want to do, and that’s that! - Your determination is enviable, but odds are that you’re walking into a dead end.

I’m certainly interested in the specifics, but how will I know? -Read the instructions in the book.

I understand and am aware of some things, I’ll find out about others

I’ll do everything I can to know the field I am entering, including market research, consulting people I know, even accepting an apprenticeship

How willing are you to compromise, adjust, and blend in the market?

Not at all. It will have to be my way, or else it’s not my dream, and I’ll do something else

I’ll do everything it takes to fulfill my goals and answer my calling- Yes, but do you have any idea what it takes or does your passion blind you?

I don’t live in a dream world, I understand that some concessions have to be made, but I’m not sure of what I can accept or how flexible I am

I realize that conditions are never like we’d hoped they would be. Nevertheless, if my inclination is strong enough, I believe I will find the way to remove the obstacles and successfully land my business in the marketplace

Knowing what your chosen field is all about, do you believe you have the skills to connect?

I fear that reality is so far from what I had in mind that I might as well stop here -That’s definitely the wrong attitude, and the worst thing you can do. At least give it a chance. Don’t let seemingly harsh conditions take away your dream and deprive you of your talents.

I’m not so sure. I’m not so good at facing reality and I have few, if any, people that can help me.- Don’t give up. Where there is a will, there is a way, and in this case this is not a cliché. At the vert least, you will surely find answers with your mentor.

I do have some weakness in this, but I’m sure I can handle it

Definitely. I know how to look into the market, I can easily make contacts, and I won’t hesitate to ask for assistance it I need to